Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fun With Diane

I have two more days left in Buenos Aires, and then I return to San Francisco. I am looking forward to returning home.

My last week has been fun because my friend Diane is visiting. Tomorrow another friend arrives and also Diane's sister is coming to visit. I was Diane's tour guide, but she will be here for a whole week without me, so she is going to show her sister and our other friend around.

It is fun having people visit because it gives me an opportunity to speak a lot of Spanish and also to show them places I like. I took Diane to many different parts of the city. It was fun for me to go around one last time and see everything.

These days I am feeling very comfortable here and I feel like my Spanish is pretty good. There are still times I don't understand things, but I feel like I am understanding more than when I first arrived, and I don't feel so shy about speaking Spanish. I feel happy and satisfied with this trip now that it is almost over.

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Chanh said...

Hi Rick,

Happy New year to you!

Yeah, it is fun having people visit. Did you enjoy your trip?You've got more experiences speaking Spain and living in Buenos Aires. I'm trying to do what you wrote to me.
Thank you for Diane's photo. Fall semester is over and I miss her class very much and I'm missing her too. I hope she's having a good time there.

Are you going to continue to write on your blog after the trip?

Hope you have a happy holiday!

Chanh in Diane's class